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12" Hand Knit Dolls by Betty Lampen | One of a Kind | No special orders or duplicated dolls | ALL SALES FINAL!

Knit a dog, cat, elephant, lion, octopus, bear, penguin, shaggy bear, Raggedy Ann & Andy, mermaid, punk doll, upside down doll, kitty and angel

Three Knitting Books with Dolls and Bears
Patterns For Knitted Hats
One basic 12" doll pattern and
12 dolls and their shoe box beds
Sweaters 2 1/2" high for Christmas Tree Ornaments or Leprechauns (not bears!)
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For 3 sizes of bears 7 1/2", 11" and 17 1/2". Sport Yarn 4,5, and 7 needles.